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The following post is aimed at those who are attempting to get additional functions to work in their XBOX enviroment and who are unfamiliar with routers modems et al. As this site as per the header is for end users if you are a “Technical Wiz” you will hopefully find the following post a bit beneath your capabilities.

I decided to write this because of the number of people whom have asked me to do so.

English: Linksys WRT54GL Polski: Linksys WRT54GL
English: Linksys WRT54GL Polski: Linksys WRT54GL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I assume that you have a basic understanding of computers etc. If you are in doubt do not attempt this get someone who is familiar with routers to set up these settings for you.

You will require the following to set up your XBOX to your router.

1) A pc /laptop that is connected to your router either hardwired or wireless.

2) Your XBOX ip address.

3) A good old fashioned pen and paper of the type I used pre computers when lol was spelt “laugh out loud”

Ok we will do this in steps.

Write the following down, don’t worry if you can’t make sense of these at present. The whole idea here is to get your XBOX connected for online chat games streaming etc.

Port 88 UDP

Port 3074 UDP and TCP

Port 53 UDP and TCP

Port 80 TCP

These are the ports required by XBOX.

Our next step is to login to your router. For this you will need your router address, name and password many of these have the default written on the base of the router.Write these down.

If you cant find these try the following on your pc press

Start, Hit Run,Type in cmd  hit return/enter,  you now have a black screen in front of you . Type in ipconfig/all and hit return

Now you can see your ip setup look at the gateway address ie it could be or similar. Write this number down.Close the prompt screen window (black screen) This number is quite likely to get you in to your router but remember you will still require a name and router password.

I will assume you have eveything you now need. The next step is to login in to your router.

Open a browser Firefox,IE , Opera or whatever web browser you use. Type in your router address in the browser . That is the narrow window at the very top of your screen not the GOOGLE,BING,YAHOO or whatever search engine.. Hit return this should now bring you to the admin panel of your router. Sign in with name and password , now search for port forwarding .because of the different routers available I can only give generic assist here.You are now going to port forward the ports you have written down to your XBOX ip address.

i.e Port forward port 3074 TCP to XBOX1 ip address ( example -port 3074 tcp to or (SERVICE)XBOX 1, port 3074 UDP to or( service) XBOX2

Depending on the type you may have to name a service for each port forward ie XBOX1, XBOX2 etc though some routers will allow you to do this in one go.

I hope you have found this post useful. I will have further posts on similar here.

Save your settings Job done! Now go and chat with your friends online.
By Ronnie Cox 05/2012

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