Firewall Anti-Virus Spam

If you are reading this you have just paid me a visit via the incredible,informative and useful tool the Internet. However although a pleasure to use by many it has become a playground for less than reputable practices . I refer to those who use the Internet to profit or simply to destroy the pleasure Continue Reading

Browser Google Search

The Internet is such a useful tool for obtaining information on any subject you may be interested in. With this in mind it is my goal in this post to explain the commonly used terms on the Internet so that you may join the conversation and get the best from your PC. You have heard Continue Reading

Add an Image to WordPress Post

This is a continuation of my previous post for new users of Word Press. You have at this point hopefully added a few posts and used links to external websites or other pages or posts on your own site.Images can be an integral part of any site . However there are some caveats you must Continue Reading

WordPress New Users

Hi, Welcome new WordPress User The following I hope will be helpful to new users of WordPress. If you are an Administrator the following post is not for you. It is specifically for Worpress new users to set them on the path in WordPress. Which in my humble estimation is possible one of if not Continue Reading

Sharing Docs Online

This post is a brief and hopefully helpful introduction to the organization of your information you wish to share with others. Let us begin with a scenario. You have to attend a meeting with several others in the near future,It may be business, pleasure whatever,but you must have organization around its implementation.Perhaps you are Chairman Continue Reading

XBox and Routers

The following post is aimed at those who are attempting to get additional functions to work in their XBOX enviroment and who are unfamiliar with routers modems et al. As this site as per the header is for end users if you are a “Technical Wiz” you will hopefully find the following post a bit Continue Reading

Sip and You

There is a plethora of discussion and questions on sip on the Internet and other information formats. However it appears that these address issues around the implementation of sip from a technical perspective. It is my intention in this post to introduce sip to the end user and hopefully when you read through this you Continue Reading